The box opening and decanting process can account for a bulk of a facility’s total labor because of the time-consuming effort that is required to complete this repetitive task. This process also comes with the challenge of having a high frequency of labor turnover. Have you thought about automating this process? 

The CASi-AutoDecant, powered by the CASi-IBOD, automatically removes and places items weighing up to 50 lbs into totes or containers, or onto a conveyor at a rate of nearly 400 boxes per hour. It is a fast, efficient, and safe solution for the first 100’ of a warehouse for industries requiring decanting of 1000s of SKUs into individual storage containers.

How The CASi-AutoDecant Works


The CASi-IBOD measures the size of every incoming case to provide precision cuts to each box.


The integrated Lid Remover removes box lids to prepare for decanting. 


The CASi-AutoDecant Smart Arm with Patent Pending Motion safely and effectively removes contents from the box.

Standard Specifications


Up to 400 Boxes Per Hour


Up to 50 lbs

Minimum Box Size (L x W x H)

6" x 6" x 5"

Maximum Box Size (L x W x H)

30" x 21" x 20"

Decanting Method(s)

***Patent Pending***